Alpenmöbel® – Product portfolio

Passionate design, traditional craftsmanship and selected partners allow us to produce unique furniture and furnishings.

  • Production to the highest standards: Cleaning of the surface by dry ice blasting and kiln-drying for at least 6 weeks provide the basis for perfect results.
    At the same time, this treatment guarantees completely poison-free pest control!
  • Surface refinement with special oil/wax mixture (from yacht building) from natural raw materials for highest quality from head to toe.
  • Upcycling in a new dimension – manufactured 100 years ago / functional reorientation today – a bridge to times long past.
  • Sustainability – made of natural materials, produced in Austria in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Added value – Domestic suppliers and exclusively regional craft businesses guarantee “Made in Austria”.
  • Freedom of design – the manufacturing process allows the products to be individually modified for special designs.
  • With personalized Alpenmöbel® enamel plate with your signature, production date and serial number and/or original Alpenmöbel® brand.

Below you will find our range of products, which is constantly being expanded: