Welcome to Alpenmöbel® and the purest craftsmanship

The combination of craftsmanship, creative demands and the very best materials in Alpenmöbel® results in products that are second to none. Alpenmöbel® enriches the world. Today as well as tomorrow…

In a world dominated by mass-produced goods, our craft develops unprecedented values: it creates products of lasting quality. Nothing that breaks down quickly to be bought over and over again.
The craftsmanship of Alpenmöbel® saves regional and tasteful diversity. An achievement that no assembly line product from the Far East can match.
In Alpenmöbel® traditional craftsmanship methods live on, cultural developments become visible; it makes work proud again and makes possessions special.

The appearance of each of our designs is protected in form, pattern and colour by the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property. Don’t buy cheap “designs” from imitators – only with your personalised Alpenmöbel® enamel sign, the brand name and many small, sometimes hidden details will you receive a genuine Alpenmöbel® of uncompromising quality. Only with our years of experience can you be sure that you will not be disappointed in the end!

The craftsmanship of Alpenmöbel® gives things back their value!

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